The decision to choose a professional detailer for your car is an important one. Vehicles are expensive investments, and you want to make sure that your car detailing Ottawa services are professional, prompt, and skilled. There are unfortunately many detailers out there who claim to be professional while offering substandard work; and since improper detailing can actually damage your car, it’s essential that you choose correctly when picking out your auto detailing Ottawa services. The following are 5 tips that will help you find the right SUV detailing Ottawa and other car detailing services.

Tip #1: Choose a company with their own location

A professional car detailing service will have their own business location. It does not need to be a huge, expensive lot–but it needs to be somewhere professional. Avoid going to detailers who work out of their personal garage, as this is a sign that they will not have professional tools, equipment or skills.

Tip #2: Be wary of detailers who claim to work at lightning speed

It can be tempting to head to a shop that claims to do car window tinting Ottawa in an hour or less, but there’s a reason why the saying “too good to be true” exists. A skilled detailer technician will need to take a few hours to do most detailing jobs, especially if it involves working on the interior and exterior of your vehicle.

Tip #3: Look for detailers with professional tools

The best car and SUV detailing Ottawa companies are those that work with modern professional products and tools that are designed to do detailing work properly and safely. Many unprofessional detailers will purchase equipment not designed for detail work, which can result in scratches, burn marks, and other unpleasant leftovers.

Tip #4: Look for detailers that are open and honest about what they can and can’t do

A professional detailer will be able to tell you whether or not the job can be done to your expectations. No real professional will ever tell you that all problems can be fixed, especially if they haven’t even taken the time to inspect your automobile. For example, there will be some scratches that cannot be completely fixed or interior car odors that can’t be completely removed without upholstery replacement, etc. The key here is to choose a professional company that is honest about their results–not someone who promises the moon and then under-delivers.

Tip #5: Check out previous reviews

The internet can be a great way to check out people’s experiences with a company, so look up the company online beforehand to find some reviews from previous clients. These reviews will give you a better idea of how the company handles a variety of customers and their problems.

Choosing your car detailer isn’t easy, but with the above tips in mind, you’ll find it much easier to choose a professional detailer who can get the job done for you.