Windshield Chip Fix Ottawa

Glass Chip Repair

It is not uncommon for you to find a chip or crack in your windshield. Chips can happen for many reasons and one of the most common is usually when the temperatures are changing or are quite different between inside your car and outside and a rock or debris hits your windshield. The temperature difference with the impact of the rock chips the glass.

While a damaged windshield from a rock chip may seem like a small thing, it can quickly become a serious problem if you hit a bump in the road or moisture freezes in the crack or chip. When this happens the chip can turn into a full blown crack shattering across your windshield. Furthermore the integrity of your windshield is now compromised and can be a safety hazard for you and your passengers.

Our glass chip repair technicians can help you repair these problems before they require a full windshield replacement and mobile windshield repair service in Ottawa. The most important part is to contact us as soon as possible after the damage occurs so that we can complete the rock chip repair in your windshield before it becomes a major issue. In many cases, these chip repairs are even covered by your insurance provider without impacting your insurance premiums.

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Stone Chip Repair – $59 – at the shop or mobile service for an upgrade ($)

This service fills stone chips to prevent your windshield from cracking more.

  • Stone chip must be less than a loonie in size
  • Does not guarantee the stone chip will disappear – WILL help reduce the risk of the windshield cracking
  • Comes with risk – the process may lead to the windshield cracking as there is already damage to the windshield. In this case – the value of the stone chip repair will be credited towards the cost of replacing the windshield