Exterior Detailing & Cleaning

Exterior Hand Wash & Dry $30

Includes an exterior hand wash and drying of the vehicle as well as wheel dressing (30 mins)

Add Ons

Clay Bar $45 / Spray Wax – $55 / Sealant $95 / Buff Wax – $125



Coatings for vehicle’s exterior paint have come a long way, and wax has now become old new. Waxes do not last very long which is why we now use Nano Ceramic Sealant.

Trust is in the Details

We’ve built our brand on top of the loyalty and trust shown by our customers who rely on us for thorough, high quality cleaning and attention to detail. Meticulous, spotless and immaculate describe our detailing services.

Quality is a Primary Focus

We take pride in the quality of our work and attention to the little things. Beyond the superior detailing services we provide, we also make sure that our customers receive a quality experience from every interaction.

Convenience & Simplicity

Our goal is to take the hassle away from getting your vehicle cleaned and detailed. We simplify pricing, inclusions and use an efficient process to get the job done faster so you can get your wheels back right away!

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