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We have earned our reputation by making cars look perfect, inside and out from from steam cleaning and odor removal, to exterior polishing, detailing, and paint restoration, we are committed to best-in-class auto detailing. Cars are like babies for us and we will be the best baby-sitter for your car.

Window Tinting & Clear Film

Professionoal window tinting will make your driving experience more enjoyable, protect you from the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays while making your ride look fresh!

The difference between paying someone to work on your car and paying someone to care for your car.

Auto Detailing

Window Tinting

Ceramic Coatings

Windshield Replace/Fix

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  • I had a great experience at Auto World. Paul is a great guy with good quality work. Auto World does a good job at communicating information and actually explaining details to the customer. I chose Auto World because they have good communication skills and because they will match or beat any competi... Read More
  • Very impressed with the results! My van is 16 years old.....mind you I have taken really good care of it but it looks brand new on the inside! Also very happy how the tinting if the windows turned out. Now everything matches. Thanks guys
  • Highly recommend this place for any windshield replacement, price is very affordable compared to other shops ( Other shops usually charge twice the price if you wanna go through insurance ). The quality, service and how effective they are is absolutely amazing. They gave us a gift card for a coffee ... Read More
  • Shawn and his crew at auto World are top notch. Pricing is excellent and the workmanship is exquisite. Highly recommend using these guys in the future for any vehicle that you have. Thanks again you guys. The Jeeps look amazing!!!
  • Very professional and answered all my questions through email. Dropped off the car and it was ready within 3:30 hours and was spotless inside and out. Great cleaning job and the price was great as well compared to so many other places. Will definitely go back every spring to have all our cars cleane... Read More

Interior & Exterior Auto Detailing in Ottawa

Our car detailing experts deep clean your vehicle inside and out with professional techniques and high quality (and safe) detailing products to maintain your vehicles appearance. Whether it’s just a quick wash you need or the full shampoo, condition, vaccuum and detail of your entire interior with external washing, including rims and tires – we have packages designed to fit your schedule and budget. Our special wax and hand polish treatments refresh, protect and restore the exterior. Choose from our auto detailing packages to save on a bundle or pick and choose only what you need done with our a la carte auto detailing menu.

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Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Ottawa

  • Lifetime warranty on installation
  • Free mini detail with service
  • 2 year chip fix warranty
  • Mobile service & same-day service available

Professional Window Tinting in Ottawa

Our window tinting films offer state-of-the-art solar protection and durability that will enhance your vehicle’s look and performance. Tinting your windows will help to protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of the sun that contribute to interior fading as well as hardening and cracking of leather and vinyl.

Benefits of Window Tinting

  • Adds to the aesthetic quality of your vehicle
  • Reduces rear view mirror glare at night
  • Stops thieves from seeing inside your car
  • Protects your interior from UV rays
  • Provides comfort from the sun’s heat

Industry News, Tips, Tricks and Car Detailing Hacks

How long can you drive with a crack in your windshield?

How long can you drive with a crack in your windshield?

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Common Questions About Windshield Replacement

Common Questions About Windshield Replacement

Most of the time you wake up, get in your car and go and when you are finished your travels you return home and everything is fine with your windshield. Once in a while when you leave, and it may just be the luck of the draw, during your trip a rock comes hurling out...

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Ceramic Coating vs Traditional Wax

Ceramic Coating vs Traditional Wax

In the auto industry today there are tons of options for vehicle coatings and waxes and other protection coatings such as PPF that it can be difficult to choose the right one without doing a ton of research first. This post is really to help you select which coating...

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