Your vehicle is going to go through a lot throughout the seasons in Ottawa. From your engine to your wheels, you have to take extra precautions in order for your car to stay in peak condition and be safe to drive. With temperatures going from hot to cold, the environment goes from dry to wet and the snow, ice, salt and other factors such as bird droppings and sap, your car will take a beating from the environment.

One critical element of your vehicle is your windshield and making sure that your windshield is in tip top shape will protect you and your family. Here are some ways to protect your windshield all year long, through all of the crazy seasons here in Ottawa.


1) Address Any Minor Issues Right Away

If you get a tiny rock chip in your windshield, you may be thinking this is something gyou can overlook because it is a minor issue. Sometimes you may get very lucky and the chip never spreads however the majority of the time a tiny chip can turn into a full blown crack right across your windshield requiring it to be replaced. Act fast and get your windshield chip fixed right away at Auto World Ottawa. This inexpensive fix can stop the chip from spreading saving you hundreds of dollars by avoiding a full windshield replacement in Ottawa.


2) Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

You shouldn’t mix extreme hot and cold with your windshield. Doing so can lead to your windshield cracking and damaging to the stage that you will need a replacement. If your windshield is covered by ice, then do not throw boiling water for it to warm it quicker. The perfect way to start this is to let your vehicle heat up with the defrosters on, before scrapping the ice off as it is thicker. Instead of dumping hot water on top right away, let your windshield heat up a bit first. A little more time in the morning and preplanning can save you hundreds of dollars and headaches.


3) Keep Your Glass Clean

As you would keep your paint protection film clean, the same goes for your windows and windshields. Windshield wipers need to work twice as hard to clean a dirty windshield, meaning twice the chance that it scratches, chips or breaks the glass too.


4) Get New Wiper Blades

Worn out wiper blades can end up scratching and badly damaging your windshield. Make certain that you replace your old wiper blades as soon as they are worn out. Don’t hang on to them to save a couple dollars as this can result in damaging your windshield which can cost you hundreds and also present a dangerous driving situation if you are unable to see out of the damaged windshield while driving.


5) Buy High-Quality Ice Scrapers To Remove Ice

Do not settle on cheap ice scrapers for your car or truck, as they tend to do much more harm than expected. Invest a few bucks more and get an ice scraper that efficiently takes the ice off, and does not scratch or chip your windows.

If you suspect that you have a windshield with a chip or a crack it is best to get in touch with Auto World Ottawa right away to have your chip fixed in your windshield right away. The process is quick and inexpensive. Most times we can have you back on the road in 15-20 minutes and (depending on time of year) we can even do mobile chip fix service right in your driveway or at your work.

Similarly, if you have a cracked windshield don’t delay. Act fast and get us to replace your windshield in Ottawa so that you and your family can be safe in your vehicle. Plus you will avoid hefty fines if you are driving around with a cracked windshield for too long. Some insurance policies may not even cover certain accidents if there is evidence that the windshield was cracked prior to the incident. Best thing to do is just get a windshield replacement in Ottawa. We do hundreds of windshield replacements every month and you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands with Auto World for your windshield repair or replacement.