With the recent snow storms in Ottawa, winter has finally taken over! It’s important for you have to take extra precautions with your vehicle to prolong the life expectancy and maintain the pristine condition for as long as possible. The outside of your vehicle will experience a whole lot during winter, including freezing weather, dirt, dust, stones and dirt, hard saltwater, sand and far more.

The good news is that there are ways to keep your vehicle protected during the winter season. It is a smart idea to install paint protection film in Ottawa at Auto World so that you will have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe from the elements. Paint protection film or PPF as it is known, is a clear film that is virtually invisible to the naked eye yet acts like a total shield for the body of your car protecting your paint from scratches, chips, dents and more.

#1 It helps protect against most of marks, scratches, and dents

As we mentioned above, your vehicle is going to be exposed to lots of debris (dirt, rocks and dirt, hard salt, and sand ) that may damage the paint of your vehicle. But using a thin coat of paint protection (ppf film), your automobile will be guarded during winter against these external forces. Especially if you have a newer vehicle, PPF is a great way to preserve the value of your vehicle which can help when it comes time for a trade-in or resale down the road when you want to upgrade. Your vehicle is an expensive asset that depreciates quickly so if you can do something to slow the depreciation down then it is a great idea!

#2 Protects against temperature fluctuations in winter

There’s no doubt your vehicle is going to go through a lot of temperature changes in winter, and a paint protection film can help with that to secure your paint against any changes in temperatures, so it does not damage in either extreme warmth (such as washing your car) or extreme cold when we hit those -30 days.

#3 It’s An Intelligent investment

It’s not too expensive to get paint protection film in Ottawa. When you think about the expenses of paint repairs to the outside of your vehicle, it’s a smart investment to have paint protection film installed at Auto World. Spending a little now can protect your resale value and avoid costly body shop repairs. With PPF installed, you can make certain your vehicle is protected and that you won’t have to pay for these repairs down the road.

Don’t overlook the chance to provide your vehicle with extra security this winter by getting paint protection film, especially 3M or Suntek paint protection film installed with warranties available up to 10 years for ultimate protection. PPF can make a massive difference to your car and make sure your vehicle remains in prestine condition for years to come.

If you are looking for PPF installation in Ottawa give us a call at 613-212-0057 to discuss the installation process, pricing for paint protection film and to schedule an appointment to have PPF installed on your vehicle.