If you haven’t already started, then you should begin having your car regularly cleaned and detailed by a professional car detailing Ottawa service. A professional cleaning and detailing job has many benefits for your vehicle, ranging from aesthetic benefits to practical benefits such as improving the value and longevity of your car. But what is the actual difference between cleaning and detailing? Let’s take a closer look at the primary difference between having your car professionally cleaned and having your car professionally detailed.

Car Cleaning           

A professional car cleaning is primarily focused on the removal of unwanted substances from the exterior of your car. This includes but is not necessarily limited to: road salt, grime, dirt, debris, hard water stains. Depending on the shop you’ve chosen, there may be some interior cleaning as well, such as vacuuming; however, interior cleaning tends to be relatively sparse, and most of the focus is on the exterior of the car.

Car Detailing

A professional car detailing is a much more comprehensive, extensive cleaning and maintenance of the entire vehicle, inside and out. Detailing services are focused on–as the name suggests–the details. This includes applying protective wax or sealant layers to the exterior of the car; applying rust-proofing to your vehicle; treating glass windows; applying shampooing on leather, vinyl and upholstery; vacuuming and cleaning trunk spaces; and much more.

Detailing vs. Cleaning: Which is the Better Option?

To be blunt, you need both of these services at varying points throughout the year. You should take your car to a professional auto detailer Ottawa shop, and you should also be taking your car to be regularly cleaned, especially during the winter months when salt build-up can do some serious damage to your car.

Which option you choose in the end will depend on your car’s particular needs at the moment: are you overdue for a detailing? Does the cleaning job you need done go beyond a typical cleaning scope? If so, then head to a professional car detailer Ottawa shop as soon as you can. If your car has recently been detailed and it is mostly exterior debris you need taken care of, then head to a professional to have your car cleaned.