In the auto industry today there are tons of options for vehicle coatings and waxes and other protection coatings such as PPF that it can be difficult to choose the right one without doing a ton of research first. This post is really to help you select which coating route you can take in regards to your car or truck so that you get the best protection for your situation and your budget. The conventional options of waxes or sealants are available¬† and have been for a long time but in recent years new products called “nano-coatings” and “ceramics” have become available to the detailing industry to help redefine the way we detail and protect our vehicles. Each option has benefits and drawbacks that we can briefly cover here in today’s post.

A true ceramic coating such as the System X that we are certified to install and apply to vehicles for superior protection, is a liquid polymer that is applied by hand into the outside of a car or truck after a complete decontamination phase and often a buff polish to lock in shine and remove surface swirls and scratches. The ceramic coating adds a thin layer of protection like a shield on top of the existing clear coat to ensure that your vehicle is protected from the elements and that the vehicle is easy to clean and maintain since debris, dirt and contaminates won’t stick to the surface.

In this aspect, ceramic coatings may seem similar to waxes however the main difference is the longevity of a ceramic coating lasting anywhere from 3 years to even 10 or more years depending on the coating you choose for your Ottawa ceramic coating service as well as the brand of course which will make a difference. There are many cheap options on Amazon and other places for people who want to try the DIY method, however these coatings are not even close to equal of the professional level ceramic coatings such as System X which is used by Boeing in their planes and that is the brand we use too. In addition to lasting longer than a traditional wax, the ceramic coating is also scratch and mar resistant so the finish of your paint will remain like the day before you coated the vehicle. Furthermore, ceramic coatings offer superior UV protection so the paint will not oxidize afterwards when subjected to large amounts of UV rays from the sun. Also, your paint will be safe when using harsh de-greasers because of the coating where as with a wax coating your vehicle wouldn’t be protected in the same manner if at all.

One of the most noticeable benefits is how easy it is to clean your vehicle since the ceramic coating has extreme hydrophobic properties that repel water and any dirt, debris, dust or contaminates along with it. As a result, ceramic coating your vehicle makes it a lot simpler maintaining and drying off your motor vehicle.

Traditional waxes and sealants have their own advantages too. Ceramic coatings need a professionally trained technician that must perform a substantial amount of prep and paint correction in order for the ceramic coatings to be utilized in their maximum potential. You also need a climate controlled and contaminate-free zone to do the application. Bad installations can seriously alter the car’s paint causing more headaches and problems in the long run. Luckily the benefit of a wax is the ease of use that almost everyone can do it and it is far more cost effective but of course only lasts weeks compared to years offered by a ceramic coating, If you have a newer vehicle, ceramic coating is definitely the way to go because it is like getting 10,000 waxes done at once and also offers the many other benefits mentioned above. Additionally, with System X your ceramic coating service is registered on your car report which increases the resale value and also notifies insurance during a repair claim so you can get it recoated again.

In conclusion, when it comes to the battle of ceramic coatings vs waxes, the critical factors are your budget, the age and condition of your vehicle and the amount of maintenance you want to do or not do to cleaning your vehicle. A wax allows the flexibility to enjoy the full detailing process on a more regular basis and so better serves the detailing enthusiast. For those simply looking to protect their vehicles paint especially from everyday wear and tear an extremely durable ceramic nano-coating is definitely the better choice.