Most of the time you wake up, get in your car and go and when you are finished your travels you return home and everything is fine with your windshield. Once in a while when you leave, and it may just be the luck of the draw, during your trip a rock comes hurling out of nowhere cracking your windshield. Then you start scrambling wondering where you can get affordable auto glass repairs in Ottawa for your windshield replacement.

Here are some of the most common questions we receive regarding auto glass replacement in Ottawa and auto chip fix in Ottawa.

Does My Windshield Need a Repair or Replacement?

Once you have a chip or crack in your windshield it can get worse and spread across the entire windshield. Plus the integrity of your windshield is now compromised and this glass is designed to protect you and your passengers so it is a good idea to replace it right away. If it is a small crack or chip (size of a loonie or smaller) then we can do a chip repair which is more economical but doesn’t work for all crack/chip sizes and sometimes it actually cracks the windshield more because of the pressure used in the process.

Small dings, cracks and chips should be fixed as soon as possible and we can fix them in as little as 30 minutes at our detailing shop on Bank Street in Ottawa. If the chip is larger than 1 inch in diameter and a fracture is longer than the duration of a credit card (about 3 inches), then the windshield will have to be replaced without exception. Avoid any shops that tell you they can fix it as they are putting you in danger and only trying to get you into the shop so that when it cracks more during the fix they will force you to pay more for a new windshield.

At our shop we always do what is best, safe, and economical for our customers. Our goal is to see you happy and safe.


How Long Does a Windshield Replacement Take?

At our auto shop in Ottawa, windshield replacements can take as little as one hour. We do recommend budgeting around 1-3 hours so that you can accommodate your schedule if something causes a delay. For example, on older vehicles once the busted windshield is removed we find a lot of rust in the areas around the windshield. This rust has to be removed before we place the new windshield and moldings in place. This causes a delay and extra time is needed however there is no way of  knowing this would need to be done for sure until we remove the old one.

Additionally, we recommend waiting an hour or so if you can prior to driving away, as this will give the glue holding your new windshield set time to properly dry.


Can I Wash My Car Right Away Following a Windshield Replacement?

While you do not have to Be concerned about rain damaging your new replacement windshield, you should avoid visiting a high-pressure vehicle wash for at least a couple of days. If your glue is not entirely done curing however, then the high pressure water may certainly damage the weatherstripping and affect the level of your windshield’s seal. Feel free to hand wash your car or truck, just don’t utilize a high pressure hose. If possible just wait a few days before washing your vehicle.


Most insurance policies do pay for broken windshields, however you should assess the particulars of your policy to find out what your deductible is prior to getting them to do the replacement. There are occasions when paying out-of-pocket might be a better idea even though your policy does pay for a windshield replacement. For instance, if your deductible is higher than the cost of the replacement, then there is not much reason to make a claim because you will end up paying more for your windshield replacement in Ottawa.

If you are looking for fast, cheap, high quality Ottawa windshield repair and replacement then Auto World is the shop for you. At Auto World Auto Glass and Detailing in Ottawa, we make coping with cracked or chipped windshields as easy as you can. Book an appointment with us and you’re going to be back on the road and back to your day very quickly with a crystal clear brand new OEE windshield.