Many of us can relate to that horrible feeling when you are driving down the road and everything is fine when all of a sudden something flies into your windshield creating a tiny chip or crack. In many cases there is nothing to worry about as you can get a windshield chip fix in Ottawa for very little money; however there are those times where that little crack spreads quickly across your windshield. This means that you will have to replace your windshield in Ottawa because the chip or crack is larger than a loonie.

The glass on your windshield is quite delicate – it is glass after all and even though it is designed to take some impacts and deflect debris, the integrity of your windshield can be compromised by even the smallest rock if it hits the right angle and/or the windshield is going through temperature differences between the internal and external temperatures.

Your windshield is designed to shield you and your occupants from wind, rain and the elements. You do not want to risk your own safety over a crack just to try and save a few bucks. However, you don’t need to get it done right as soon as the crack happens and even though it is important to book an appointment for a windshield replacement as soon as you are available, you don’t have to stop everything you are doing and seek auto glass repair right away. You are able to schedule it in a time that is suitable for you so that your auto glass replacement is as convenient as possible. The good news is that auto glass repair and replacement is quick. Chip fixes take around 30 minutes for our team to complete and a complete windshield replacement takes around 1-2 hours with curing time included.

There are some factors that determine how fast you should seek a replacement service including….

Size of the Crack in the Windshield

How large is the crack? If your windshield crack is very long then it is important to understand that the crack will keep spreading and that the integrity of your windshield is now quite compromised. The bigger the crack, the weaker your windshield will be and since this is one of the first lines of defense protecting you and your passengers, it is a good idea to get it replaced as soon as possible without delay. A large crack basically means  that your windshield will provide you with the least amount of protection.

Location of the Crack in the Windshield

Where’s the crack in your windshield? Is it in your field of vision? Can it be off on the right of the windshield? You do not want to drive around with a crack that will interfere with the way you see through the windshield. If the crack in your windshield impacts your ability to drive then of course it is crucial to replace your auto glass right away.

Increasing or Spreading Cracks

If your windshield crack is growing, spreading or increasing in size then it is a good idea to replace the windshield right away. Sometimes you get lucky and the crack is created and spreads instantly stopping at an edge on your windshield. When this happens you may have a little more time before you absolutely have to replace the windshield. It is still important to get the windshield replaced soon but you may have a little more time than if it is continuing to spread.

You will be amazed at how affordable windshield replacement can be and it is important to get a quote right away so you can start planning your options for your auto glass replacement. Remember if the chip or crack is larger than a loonie you will need a full windshield replacement. Don’t be fooled by some scammers and hustlers out there who will sell you on the fact that it can be repaired. The reality is that larger ones mean that the integrity is too severely compromised. Our windshield replacement technicians are affordable, fast and extremely skilled with more than 20 years experience. We can get the job done right and we offer a lifetime warranty on installation so you are covered with peace of mind.

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