If you have a pet, then you already know this simple yet frustrating life truth: pet hair gets everywhere.  On your carpet, on your clothes and even in your car. If you have dog or cat hair in your car, you’ve probably already exhausted the traditional removal methods and found them less than satisfying. If you want to know the truly best ways to remove pet hair–especially if you’d love to take your car in for some car detailing Ottawa and don’t want to have to apologize to your detailer for Fido’s mess–then consider the following best ways to remove pet hair for good.

Method #1: More Gloves–Less Fluff

One of the simplest ways to get rid of pet hair is to put on a pair of nitrile gloves and simply run your hands over every inch of the seats and carpet. The small spikes on the gloves will loosen up the pet hair from the seat and floor fibers, which will make it easier to simply pick up and toss into the trash or vacuum out. This method is best if there isn’t a lot of pet hair in your car, or you simply don’t have the time to do a more thorough job.


Method #2: Get out the Pet Brush

Look for a pet brush that has rubber bristles and a scraper on the edge; this is typically used to help remove a dog or cat’s soon-to-be-shedded fur, but it can do wonders for pet hair inside your car as well. You will need to use short strokes on the upholstery and carpet to loosen up the fur, which you can then vacuum up or toss out by hand. this is a similar method to the glove, but a pet brush will get much more fur out of the carpet and is more efficient than the glove.


Method #3: Use a special pet hair removal stone

Unless you’ve been getting car detailing Ottawa for years and have already had one of these recommended to you by your friendly car detailer, then you may have never heard of a pet hair removal stone. These removal stones are veritable miracles for pet owners; all you need to do is work the stone on the carpeted and upholstered surfaces of the car (DON’T use them on metal or plastic, as they can scratch these materials). This will bring up the fur which, again, can be vacuumed or picked up.

Remember: If you’re ready to head in for some auto detailing Ottawa and don’t want to have to apologize for the pet hair coating your vehicle’s floor, seats or anywhere else your favorite pet has managed to cram themselves into during a car ride, follow the above simple steps to get your car hair-free in no time.