Are your tinted windows dark enough to get you in trouble with the police? Window tinting is a popular practice but that doesn’t mean it is without its limitations: there are many areas where local laws and ordinances dictate what you can and can’t do in regards to window tinting. Let’s take a closer look at why these types of window tinting laws exist and how getting car window tinting Ottawa from a professional auto detailing Ottawa shop can help spare you legal trouble down the line.

Window tinting can decrease safety for police officers

One of the primary concerns regarding window tinting from a law enforcement perspective is decreased safety for police officers and others who are working on the job. Dark window tint will make it impossible for a police officer to see who is inside the vehicle, how many people are inside, and what they are doing at the time the vehicle is stopped. This will make police officers feel wary, as they don’t know what could be going on inside the car.

Improper window tinting can make for dangerous driving

If your window tinting wasn’t done by a professional car detailer Ottawa shop, then the windows may simply be too dark. This reduces your visibility as you drive, especially at night or when it is raining or snowing; this will make it more dangerous for you to drive and could potentially result in an accident.

Window tinting can make it impossible for officers to spot dangerous driving

There are many laws and ordinances governing what people can do while they are driving their vehicle. If the window is tinted too dark, then police officers will find it impossible to monitor passing drivers for dangerous driving behavior such as using their phone while they drive, whether or not they are wearing their seat belt, and so on.

So—how dark is too dark? As a general rule of thumb, regardless of local laws, your window tint should allow for an easy, clear line of sight through at least the front windows of your vehicle. Always consult with a professional auto detailer Ottawa to ensure that your window tint is compliant with local laws as well.

The local laws in Ontario state that 35% is legal tint for the front windows with no limit restrictions on the rear and if you travel often to Quebec, it is best to stick with their legal limit of that province.