One of the most common questions for anyone getting car detailing Ottawa services is the difference between choosing wax or sealant option for your car. What is the difference between a wax and a sealant? Which is better for your car in the long run? There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing wax or sealants, so let’s take a closer look at the basics you need to know about both products and how to make the right decision for your vehicle.


Wax products are designed to sit on top of your car’s paint job, which has two primary effects: one, it creates a thin layer between your car’s paint job and outside contaminants such as dirt, UV rays, oxidation, general debris and water; and two, it helps create a richer, deeper hue for your vehicle’s paint job. Wax must be applied every few weeks.

Wax detailing products can vary from completely 100% wax (such as the highly sought-after Carnauba wax) to combination waxes to man made polymer waxes and much more in between. For the most part, detailers will recommend using a 100% natural wax product whenever possible; Carnauba wax is the preferred wax for vehicles due to the very high quality results achieved when it is applied. Combination polish waxes are not typically recommended because the combination products are not as effective as simply applying wax and polish as separate layers. Man made polymer waxes vary in quality, so be sure to check the recommendations from your auto detailing Ottawa serviceman.


Sealants, like wax, are designed to provide both protection and an alteration to your car’s aesthetic. Sealants are completely man made; unlike wax, sealants do not sit on top of the car’s surface but instead adhere to the surface itself. Sealants will last a minimum of 6 months, but can last for much longer depending on the material, quality of the sealant job, and the everyday wear and tear to your car’s paint job.

A sealant will result in a very glossy, almost glass-like finish to your car. Having a sealant applied by a car detailing Ottawa service is much faster than having a wax finish applied, which is one of the reasons why sealants are becoming popular to many vehicle owners.

The Right Choice?

Making the choice between a wax and a sealant isn’t always easy. The best way to make your final choice is to consider which of the two options you prefer both practically and aesthetically; if you hate the look of a finished sealant and don’t mind having to take your car in every few weeks to have a wax job redone, than wax may be the right option. If you don’t like the look of a wax finish or you simply would hate to bring your car in that often, then a sealant may be the right choice. Whatever you choose, remember to have it done by a professional auto detailer Ottawa for best results.