Did you know that poor nighttime visibility is one of the leading causes of traffic and other roadside accidents at night time? You may not even realize it, but your headlights may be causing you poor nighttime visibility–which in turn increases your chances of being involved in an accident. Let’s take a closer look at what causes poor headlight visibility at night and what you can do to solve this problem

Headlights and Nighttime Visibility

Headlights are essential for most of your visibility while on the road at night, but if your headlights aren’t working like they should, this can greatly decrease your overall visibility. The most common headlight issues that cause poor visibility are:

  • Lessened headlight bulb brightness; over time, standard headlight bulbs will begin to dim, resulting in lower visibility. Headlight bulbs that are dimmed need to be replaced with new ones.
  • Poor beam patterns; some headlights, especially standard bulbs, have shorter beam patterns which limit the length of your visibility on the road at night. This can be remedied by switching to a bulb with a longer pattern.
  • Dirty or cloudy headlights; cloudy headlights do not allow enough light to shine through, which results in lowered visibility while on the road at night. Lights need to be regularly cleaned from debris, dirt, and inspected for UV damage over time.

You may not even realize that there is a problem, especially if your headlines have been gradually dimming over a period of time. All headlight issues like these should be taken care of by a professional auto detailing Ottawa service, due to the importance of proper headlight safety on the road. A professional car detailing Ottawa will ensure that your bulbs are fresh and that your headlights are clean enough to be safely used during night time conditions. For best results, replace your standard headlight bulbs with a more efficient bulb that can give you longer beam patterns and a longer-lasting brightness that won’t dim as quickly as standard models.

Remember: headlights are key to nighttime visibility and safety on the road. Make sure that your car is regularly serviced by a professional auto detailing Ottawa company in order to keep yourself–and others–safer while you’re on the road.