Winter weather can be incredibly harsh on your vehicle; whether it’s terrible driving conditions, constant snow, or frequent exposure to salt on the roads, there’s always something waiting around the corner to damage your car in the wintertime. Thankfully, you don’t have to put up with the damage that salt, snow and other winter troubles brings: having your car detailed in the winter can help protect your vehicle from even the harshest of winters.

If you have ever had to pay for pricey repairs and fixes after winter is over, then you likely already know why getting car detailing Ottawa services before winter sets in is such a must: it prevents costly and frustrating car work that would otherwise need to be done in the springtime. Prevention, after all, is better than a cure–at least when it comes to car troubles.

Winter Car Detailing

There are many auto detailing Ottawa services out there, but the ones you’ll want to focus on when preparing for the winter month are services which:

  • Clean and wash your car inside and out
  • Provide a sealant or wax layer to help protect your car
  • Clean and prepare your tires for the winter
  • Inspect and maintain your windshields

However, don’t think that this means you’re off the hook for washing during the winter time! While detailing can help prevent a certain amount of winter damage, you will still need to have your car regularly washed in order to keep salt build-up from forming over the winter months.

Another winter prep that detailers will employ with your car is a layer of wax or another type of sealant. This will help reduce the build-up of salt and other debris and keep your paint job looking pristine all winter long.

Winter can wreck havoc on your tires, which is why you must have them detailed before the winter weather sets in. In addition to looking better, your tires will be adequately filled and prepared for driving on those terrible winter roads.

Finally, a professional car detailer Ottawa service will include an inspection and any maintenance work for your windshield wipers. Maintaining proper windshield wipers is essential during the winter when even a moment of poor visibility due to a broken wiper could spell disaster.

Remember: get your car detailed before winter sets in if you want to truly prevent the negative consequences of winter weather on your car.